5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated during Fall & Winter!

Fall and winter time can be notorious for drying out your skin, so here on Aqua Doll Beauty we will give you 5 tips on how to stay hydrated this cold season!

  1. Stay moisturized: First things first you need to stay MOISTURIZED! Our favorite way to keep our skin moisturized is by using the Lavender Face Gel or Aqua’s Vitamin C Serum. Make sure that you keep your lips hydrated with our Hydrating Lip Oils also to avoid dry cracked lips.
  2. Exfoliate once a week: We love using our Strawberry Soap, Brown Sugar Girl scrub, and our Bentonite Clay Soap for a good exfoliation session to get rid of dead skin cells. Remember to moisturize after!
  3. Wear SPF: You need to protect your skin all year wrong not just the summer so using products with SPF in it will be sure to give your skin an Continue reading
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